Today in the city Seal Beach 24.09.2017
Here's when the next iPhone will (almost definitely) go on sale

As sure as kids going back to school and leaves changing color, September is also the time of year when Apple reveals new iPhones to the world.  Now that we have a good idea of when it will happe...

Trump Travel Ban Arguments Head Back to US Appeals Court

The fight over President Donald Trump's travel ban is heading back to a federal appellate court with the government's appeal of a ruling that allows grandmothers and other family members of those alre...

Kacy Catanzaro, Shadia Bseiso WWE Contracts Announced During Mae Young Classic

While much of the focus of the Mae Young Classic has been on the 32 women taking part, WWE also used the occasion to announce Kacy Catanzaro and Shadia Bseiso have joined the company, W...

Starbucks Is Closing It's Online Store & Everything Is On Sale

As of October 1, Starbucks is closing its online store for good. It's sad but true, but at least the coffee chain is giving us a consolation prize for our loss: an epic clearance sale.Between now and...

Meet Jim Beam's Latest Release: Little Book, A Blended Straight Whiskey

Freddie Noe, the eight generation distiller, just launched Little Book—his first product release. And it’s not a bourbon, nor is it a rye. Beyond that, it’s set to be an annual limited-release series—...

Rising Sea Levels And Beach Erosion On North Carolina's Outer Banks

Beach erosion is a problem faced by all coastal communities that are experiencing more frequent flooding and more severe storms due to climate change.

Bosch Driver Assist System Gives Cyclists A Brake

Bosch is hoping to protect cyclists with a new system that will bring a car to a full stop from about 25 mph in just 190 milliseconds – less time than it takes to blink twice.

Will Last Minute Sales Save Back-To-School?

Back-to-school season has long been a critical sales event for retailers, but 2017 may go down as a year that defies the trends as shoppers play a waiting game for sales.

JOE BIDEN: 'We have to do what our president has not ... We are living through a battle for the soul of this nation'

Former Vice President Joe Biden penned a scathing op-ed in The Atlantic on Sunday, accusing President Donald Trump of emboldening white supremacists, calling on Americans to fight back for the "soul o...

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